Product Qty. Price Edit Total
Anton Bauer, Titon Micro Gold Mount Bracket with P-Tap & Lemo US$215.00 close US$215.00
Grass Valley, Edius X, Editing Software US$499.00 close US$499.00
AngelBird, AV PRO CF - CFAST 2.0, Storage US$289.99 close US$289.99
Wohler, OPT-DOLBY, Software activation key. US$1,795.00 close US$1,795.00
Anton Bauer, 7.2V L-Series Single Charger US$55.00 close US$55.00
Anton Bauer, Titon Micro Gold Mount Bracket with P-Tap & USB US$165.00 close US$165.00
Wohler, OPT-DANTE, Software activation key US$895.00 close US$895.00
Anton Bauer, NP-F976 7.2V Battery US$97.00 close US$97.00
Atomos, Sumo 19, 19" Touchscreen Display US$2,495.00 close US$2,495.00
Anton Bauer, Titon Micro V-Mount Bracket US$155.00 close US$155.00
Wohler, OPT-DANTE (iVAM), Software activation key US$1,595.00 close US$1,595.00
Wohler, OPT-RAVENNA 64, Software activation key US$1,095.00 close US$1,095.00
Anton Bauer, Titon Micro Gold Mount Bracket US$155.00 close US$155.00
Anton Bauer, Converter 26V to 14V Gold Mount+ to Gold-Mount US$349.00 close US$349.00
Wohler, OPT-RAVENNA 64 (iVAM), Software activation key US$1,795.00 close US$1,795.00
Cobalt Digital, BBG-SDI-TO-IP-10GE-2110, 3G/HD/SD-SDI To S2110 US$3,995.00 close US$3,995.00
Cobalt Digital, BBG-1300-FR 1RU Enclosure for openGear® Cards US$1,250.00 close US$1,250.00
Wohler, OPT-RAVENNA 256, Software activation key US$1,295.00 close US$1,295.00
Anton Bauer, Titon Micro Gold Mount Bracket with Dual P-Taps US$155.00 close US$155.00
Sub-Total: US$18,344.99