Product Qty. Price Edit Total
Konvision, KVM-0960W, 9" FHD Broadcast LCD Monitor US$1,600.00 close US$1,600.00
Konvision, KUM-2720H, 27" 12G SDI 8K Monitor, HDR (High brightne US$8,700.00 close US$8,700.00
Wohler, RM-2443WS-3G, Quad 4.3″ Monitor, 16:9 Widescreen LCD US$3,395.00 close US$3,395.00
Wohler, iAM-SUM32, 32 channel Dual input 3G/HD-SD/SDI audio Moni US$5,595.00 close US$5,595.00
Konvision, KUM-1810D, 18.4" 4K HDR P3 Monitor (High brightness) US$7,600.00 close US$7,600.00
Clear-Com, CC-28, Single closed-back lightweight headset US$265.00 close US$265.00
Wohler, VMQ-4, 4 Channel, Analog Audio Monitor. 1RU US$1,295.00 close US$1,295.00
Atomos, Sumo 19SE, HDR Monitor, Recorder and Switcher US$1,995.00 close US$1,995.00
Wohler, vMON-320-4K, 31.5″ 12G/6G, HDMI Video Monitor US$8,295.00 close US$8,295.00
Wohler, iAM1-12G, 12G-SDI & Analog Audio-Only Monitoring & Meter US$6,995.00 close US$6,995.00
Data Video, NDI PTZ Camera, PTC-140NDI US$1,399.00 close US$1,399.00
Cobalt Digital, openGear 9910DA-4Q-3G-RCK, Quad 4x16 Recklocking US$1,194.00 close US$1,194.00
Konvision, KUM-2710H, 27" 4K HDR Monitor (High brightness) US$7,900.00 close US$7,900.00
Clear-Com, CC-70, Premium lightweight wrap around dual ear heads US$535.00 close US$535.00
Wohler, vMON-185-3G, 18.5” 3G/HD/SD-SDI, HDMI Video Monitor US$2,495.00 close US$2,495.00
LiveU, SOlO, Live-LU-SOLO-PRO-SDI, video streaming with 2 modem US$2,195.00 close US$2,195.00
BirdDog, BDP240BUNDLE, 3xP240 and 1xFree PTZ Keyboard US$8,997.00 close US$8,997.00
BirdDog, BDP4K, P4K Black, 4K 10-Bit Full NDI PTZ US$8,395.00 close US$8,395.00
AJA, C10DA, Analog Video 1x6 Distribution Amplifier US$230.00 close US$230.00
Konvision, KUM-1810D-IP25G, 18.4" 4K IP Monitor, HDR US$13,600.00 close US$13,600.00
Cobalt Digital, BBG-SDI-TO-IP-10GE-2110, 3G/HD/SD-SDI To S2110 US$3,995.00 close US$3,995.00
Cobalt Digital, openGear 9902-UDX-DSP-CI, All-In-One Integrator US$4,719.00 close US$4,719.00
Wohler, iAM-SUM8, 8 channel Dual input 3G/HD-SD/SDI audio Monito US$3,995.00 close US$3,995.00
Konvision, KVM-0861W, 8" FHD HDR LCD Monitor US$1,000.00 close US$1,000.00
Sub-Total: US$106,384.00